How I Plan to Grow My Blog (in a New Niche) in the Next 6 Months

How I Plan to Grow My Blog (in a New Niche) in the Next 6 Months - Productive Mompreneur

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I recently redefined my purpose for Productive Mompreneur and in the process, I decided to narrow my niche, then create a 6 month growth plan for my blog.

My decision to focus on “blogging tips for Mompreneurs” was very difficult to make because I’m a multi-passionate person with a wide range of skills. However, I know that having a specific focus for my blog will be very beneficial for its growth.

Although I “technically” started Productive Mompreneur almost 2 years ago, I only blogged on it for about 8 months total. This was due to taking breaks for #MomLife and assisting others with marketing their blog and business.

It wasn’t until February 2017 that I decided to push forward with registering my blog as a legal business, and I slowly begin my transition the following month.

Now I’m going to share what I plan to do from July 1st-December 31st, 2017 to grow my blog.

My big goals for the next 6 months are to:

  1. Consistently publish content
  2. Start my own community
  3. Increase my social proof
  4. Reach 10k monthly page views
  5. Get 2k subscribers in The Mompreneur Vault
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1. Consistently Publish Content

When I decided to restart with Productive Mompreneur, I decided that I would only share blogging strategies that walk my readers through solving a problem they have. 

How I’m going to consistently publish content

A realistic goal for me would be to publish 2-3 posts per month and my stretch goal is to publish 4-5 posts per month.

I set realistic and stretch goals because they help keep me accountable and allow me to challenge myself at the same time.

I typically write long blog posts. I also have 3 other blogs and I’m a freelance writer, so I want to take those things into consideration when setting realistic goals.

I believe my stretch goal would allow me to easily position Productive Mompreneur as the “go to blog” for my audience. There may be a couple months where I reach my stretch goals, but I won’t be mad at myself if I don’t.

If you see that I publish more than 3 posts a month, it most likely means we had family over and I got a nice break from the kids.

I write on a daily basis, so it wouldn’t be difficult for me to publish posts that often. But I plan to spend quality time marketing each post to get certain results that I mention later in this post.

2. Start My Own Community

I’ve been planning to create a community around my blog for awhile.

Although the content I shared in the past was helpful to many people, I was just blogging to share my experience on a variety of topics from motherhood to business.

I didn’t want to create a community until I had a clear vision.

I knew there would be many changes ahead for this blog as I battled with myself to determine what I’d focus on. So I had to remain very patient during that long phase.

My ideal community would be a small mastermind type Facebook group.

Having a group with tens of thousands of members looks great, but it comes with a flood of problems that I prefer to not deal with.

I served as an admin for multiple Facebook groups, both large and small, in the past 3 years and I learned a lot before deciding to step back and focus on creating a community of my own.

How I’m going to build my community

In an effort to start building my community, I created the Blogging Mompreneur Facebook group and I operate it as a small mastermind group.


It’s not a promo group, but there will occasionally be promo days

3. Increase My Social Proof

I want new readers to view my content as high quality information BEFORE they even read my posts.

When someone sees that your post has been shared 5k times, that will influence them to read it and share it if they find it valuable.

When someone sees that you have a large following on social media AND you get amazing engagement on your posts, that will influence them to follow and interact with you.

Lots of followers and shares don’t always mean that someone, or their content, is capable of assisting you with your struggles. However, I still believe it’s good to set social proof goals because I want Mompreneurs to know that my content is full of value.

My social proof goals

Blog Posts: Get 1k social shares within a month of publishing each post. The most shares I’ve received in a month since restarting, is for my post on SEO Tips. It’s been about 2 weeks and it has almost 400 shares.

Twitter: Get 5k followers (currently at 2,100+). Twitter is a fun place to hang out and have quick conversations. It also used to be my #1 source of traffic before I joined a ton of Facebook groups and began actively using Pinterest.

I recently decluttered my account and lost a lot of followers, which was expected. Now I’m working on finding others to follow (in my niche) and attracting my ideal audience. 

Facebook: Get 300 likes (currently 150+). Facebook is a very powerful platform and I plan to continue using it despite how difficult it can be to get seen organically.

When I changed the direction of my blog, I removed all posts from my Facebook page so I could start over with my new brand colors. I’ve been getting a little engagement on my posts, which is good because I’ve been studying my analytics to get the best results. 

Pinterest: Get 1k followers (currently 400+). I’ve been on Pinterest for awhile, but never really used it. I now use Tailwind to schedule 50-60 pins per day and I manually pin things on some days when I have free time.

I have a group board “Business + Blog Growth” that has been helpful in the growth of my account. I created another group board “Social Media Tips” and I’m planning to start adding contributors soon.

I pin a lot to my group boards and I also repin the content that others share, to my small boards that focus on specific topics.

So for my “Social Media Tips” board, I will repin all Instagram pins by others to my Instagram board, and so on. This will make it easier for people who are only interested in learning about a specific network.

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4. Reach 10k Monthly Page Views

I broke into the blogging world by writing about social media.

My purpose at the time was to show Mompreneurs how I generated a consistent side income for my product business with a small Instagram following.

I wasn’t interested in page views. In fact, page views were irrelevant because my focus was on increasing engagement and the conversion rate of turning followers into customers.

I let this blog sit for about 3 months while rebranding and it dropped to 300 page views last month!

I set a goal to triple my page views from last month and I’ve been able to accomplish it already primarily from participating in a few Facebook groups on promo days and using Tailwind for Pinterest.

When I viewed my analytics prior to my last break, I saw that I averaged 2,200 monthly page views.

How I’m going to reach 10k monthly page views

Since I’ve already tripled my page views from last month, I want to see if I can triple my page views each month until I reach 10k.

I have 3 primary sources of traffic, so I will continue to focus on those for my blog growth.

Facebook groups: My primary source of traffic comes from participating in group promo threads.

I’m in over 20 groups, but I really only participate in 5.

I plan to keep track of promo days for all groups so I can not only promote my own posts, but also find content to share from others.

I’m interested in seeing the result of promoting in 20+ groups a week versus the 5 that I consistently use right now.

Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work, but sometimes you have to do “crazy” things to put yourself in a position of finding and attracting your ideal audience, so they can market your content for you.

Pinterest: I’ve been on Pinterest for awhile, but never seriously used it until I purchased Tailwind.

I made the investment because my current focus is increasing my blog traffic and I saw how various bloggers in my new niche have used it to skyrocket theirs.

After getting nice results from using the free trial, I decided it would be worth it.

Right now, I have 25-35 pins scheduled daily from both of my blogs combined. I divide them between the really popular group boards I’m part of and the medium sized ones that have a steady flow.

I create multiple pins for my posts, so that helps me promote the same post in group boards. It also lets me know what graphic people like the most. 

I have a branded graphic that I use for all of my blog posts, then I have a few more that may be more appealing to my target audience.

I plan to create more graphics per blog post and I also plan to join more group boards in the next 6 months.

Twitter: I personally believe Twitter is the best platform for bloggers, especially if you write long content.

I can share the same blog post every day, or multiple times a day because the lifespan of a tweet is so short.

If you look at the 2 tweets below, you’ll see that they were shared on the same day at different times. They promote the same blog post, but the text is different.

I plan to continue using this method to market all of my posts and drive traffic from Twitter to my blog.

5. Get 2k Subscribers in The Mompreneur Vault

I decided to start over with my email list because I previously had people on it for various freebies I created to grow my list in the past.

The Mompreneur Vault is what I plan to use to start and grow my email list. It’s free to join and is where I keep the freebies from each of my posts and other helpful resources.

I have a few resources in there now and I plan to add more freebies each month.

How I plan to get 2k subscribers

I’ve been using Convertkit for a few months with my other business and I really enjoy it, so I plan to continue using it for this list building journey.

I was previously using MailChimp for this blog and I still recommend it for anyone who isn’t ready to invest into Convertkit.

In an effort to grow my list, I plan to:

  • Promote the vault throughout my site
  • Create a landing page for my opt-in
  • Create a free email challenge

Promote my opt-in throughout my site
When I opened up The Mompreneur Vault, I put the signup form in my blog posts that were already published. I also have a signup form on my sidebar and my About page.

Since then, I’ve gained 2 subscribers! And they’re both men! *gasp*

I thought the name of my opt-in would only attract women, but I’m always happy to see others benefiting from my content.

There are a ton of ways to promote your opt-in on your blog and I plan to try out a nice amount of them.

Create a landing page for my opt-in

I want to be able to promote my opt-in as a stand alone free resource, so I’ll need a landing page to do that.

Create an email challenge

I’ve helped others create email challenges, but I never created one for myself.

Email challenges can help you quickly grow your list if you can’t do webinars.

Email challenges typically lead to a paid product or service, but I will be doing mine solely for list building purposes.

That’s all!

These are the 5 things I plan to do in an effort to grow my blog in the next 6 months.

As you can see, I don’t have any income goals and that’s because I’m not planning to focus on monetization yet.

Yes, I use affiliate links and ads on my website, but I don’t plan to launch a paid product or service during this 6 month period. 

My current income comes from my handmade product business and freelance writing services, so that’s how I pay for the tools I use to keep Productive Mompreneur running.

I want to take the time to really get to know my readers and their needs before pitching a paid product.

This will also help me stay focused on the growth of my blog because you don’t need a ton of traffic, or a large social media following, to generate an income.

I feel that it’s very important to share these “low” moments of my journey, and my plan to grow, because these things are often left undocumented after bloggers reach a certain status.

Creating a plan and setting goals can really help you understand your purpose for blogging. When you understand your purpose, you can go far!

How I Plan to Grow My Blog in the Next 6 Months - Productive Mompreneur

I'd love for you to share this! ~ Zakiyah

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