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Bath time was one of the most challenging things to get my toddler to enjoy. He would sneak in the bathroom to play in the sink, splash in puddles while we were out, pour cups of water on himself, etc., but he never liked taking a bath. I always thought, how could a baby who loves water so much, hate baths? I tried toys, bubbles, singing, and many other random sorts of entertainment, but they quickly became old to him. It wasn’t until I started using My First Bath Book that my toddler started to genuinely enjoy baths.


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When I first used the bath book with my toddler, I showed him that the pages would change colors if he touched them with his wet hands. Of course, he got excited and put the entire book in the tub (which is completely fine). After getting all of the pages wet and colored, he would then allow me to read the book to him. Each page in the book has a different body part, such as hand, feet, nose, etc. I would have him repeat the body parts after me and I would show him how to identify them on himself. I also showed him that I could do the same on myself. After repeating each body part, I would cheer him on and this would encourage him to continue as I read each page.


After bath time was over, my toddler didn’t want to leave the book. He wanted to take it to bed, but he had to wait for it to dry, so I told him that he could play with it when he woke up in the morning. In order to allow the book to properly dry, you will have to stand the book up and ensure that all of the pages are open and not touching. The book was dry when he woke up. In fact, it was dry the same night when I went into the bathroom a couple hours later to prepare myself for bed.


My toddler played with the book the next day while shouting out body parts. He also took a nap with it. The soft cover and pages of the book made it easier for him to comfortable snuggle with. Aside from bath time, the bath book is also great for daytime activities. You can use let your toddler use a wet sponge to color each page, or you can continue to read it and teach them the body parts.


I love how this book is both fun and educational. It’s something that I wish I had a long time ago because my toddler would always put on a show when it was bath time! I also think that my neighbors knew which nights were bath night and I thank them for understanding the struggle.
If you struggle when it comes to bath time with your infant or toddler, or you would like to add this wonderful book to your child’s collection of items, you can get yours from my blogs shop. We have the books in stock and will be offering same/next day shipping, depending on the time you order. You can also order from their website if you live outside of USA.
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