How To Create Evergreen Blog Posts for Your Readers

How to Create Evergreen Blog Posts for Your Readers - Productive Mompreneur

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Whether you’re new to blogging or have been around for some time, you’ve probably heard someone mention having “evergreen content” on your blog.

If you’re (still) wondering what evergreen content is, it’s simply content that will always remain relevant to your audience. It means they will always be able to refer to it at any time throughout the year because it doesn’t have an expiration date.

Have you ever Googled a question and got your answer from an article or blog post that was written years ago? That’s an example of an evergreen post.

Some key benefits to writing an evergreen blog post are:

  • You can blog less
  • It can be repurposed
  • It can get more shares on social media
  • It can generate more backlinks to your blog
  • It has a better chance of ranking higher in search engines over time

I’m not sure about you, but I love the sound of these benefits. Especially if I can get more results without blogging on a weekly basis.

So let’s get to the good part. Now that you have a better idea on what an evergreen blog post is, how can you create one for your blog? I have a few quick tips below!

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1. Write for beginners

Content written for beginners is a guaranteed win!

There are so many people looking to learn things on a daily basis and evergreen content is almost always what helps them out.

When people are interested in starting a new venture or want to take their knowledge to the next level, they become a beginner to their new goal.

Some blog readers may not necessarily be “beginners”, but they still use evergreen content to refresh their memory on a certain topic or to generate new ideas. 

Below, I have an example of my post from The Mompreneur Outlet. The post wasn’t written for beginner bloggers, but it’s something that can help experienced bloggers who want to do more with their blog posts. 

Evergreen blog posts for beginners are typically about:

  • How to do something
  • Tips, tricks, and strategies
  • Common mistakes
  • Roundups featuring experts

I’m sure you’ve read many blog posts like those before, but there’s more to it! Just because a blog post is written for beginners, it doesn’t mean it’s evergreen. You’ll learn more in Tip #2.

2. Refrain from using current events

Current events are always fun to write about.

You get to tackle a topic while it’s still fresh and you can easily establish yourself as a person of authority in your niche.

Yes, you can write a “How To” post on the latest social media update. And yes, it may do very well. But that post won’t be relevant after a few weeks, or whenever that particular social network makes a new update; whichever comes first.

Writing about current events is a great strategy, but if you solely rely on it, you will have to continuously push out blog posts to remain relevant since hot topics have a quick expiration date.

Remember that evergreen blog posts are always relevant. Therefore, when you include current events and industry data in your post, you give it an expiration date by default.

3. Update or remove your post date

Some bloggers update old posts if they find a better way to explain a point, or if they want to add something extra that their readers can benefit from. So by default, they may have “last updated” next to their published date. 

You may also see that some bloggers (like myself), don’t show the dates on their blog posts.

Both of these are good ways to give your blog posts a fresh look. However, there are some cons to not dating your posts.

If you write about specific strategies on how to use a social network, tool, or something else that has occasional or frequent updates, people will often prefer to see a date to ensure your content has up to date information that will assist them.

Example: If you’re writing about “How to Beat Instagrams Algorithm Change”, you may want to date the blog post. It will help readers get an idea on which algorithm change you’re referencing because Instagram has been on a roll with updates since 2016.

It takes time to create evergreen blog posts, but they can help keep a steady flow of traffic to your blog throughout the year. 

Now that you have a better idea of what evergreen blog posts are, are you planning to create some for your blog? Let me know in the comments!

How to Create Evergreen Blog Posts for Your Readers - Productive Mompreneur

I'd love for you to share this! ~ Zakiyah

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  1. I totally agree with writing for beginners. This is the sort of information that people will want to read long after. That is why I purposed my blog for blogging tips since they make for pillar posts.

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