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The beginning…

My toddler finally started walking when he was 18 months; I felt like it would never happen. My husband and I were super excited and proud! We recorded it, sent it to family, posted it on social media, and then we watched it over and over again. But as you already know, every milestone comes with it’s challenges. Your child learns a new skill and wants to see how much they can do with it. This is when I was introduced to the “Terrible Twos”. I know that most people say it happens at age 2, but I promise he started at 18 months.


The tantrums, hitting, throwing, etc. It all started happening so fast and I started to feel like I was doing everything wrong as a mom. I got to the point where I found myself very annoyed and occasionally yelling at him throughout the day because he just. wouldn’t. listen. I had half a mind to just send him to daycare everyday because I didn’t know what to do anymore and I felt like I couldn’t talk without raising my voice.



Understanding my toddler

It took awhile to pull myself together, but after taking time to observe my toddler, I realized that he was learning to be independent. Although he was (and still is) very dependent on me for his daily needs, he has a mindset of his own and is determined to get/do what he wants at all costs. Even if it means screaming at the top of his lungs until I give in.



Accepting the not so terrible twos

My toddler, who is now two, has taken me on a crazy roller coaster ride and made my motherhood journey very interesting. He became a big brother the week before he turned two, so I will probably have to come back and read this post as a reminder when his brother gets older. In my efforts to focus on the positive things that come from these (terrible) moments, I write them down to remind myself that they really aren’t THAT bad.


Being stubborn
Stubborn individuals know exactly what they want and are determined to get it. I guess it’s good that he knows what he want’s this early in life, even if it’s something that he’s not supposed to have. Once he learns the difference, his stubbornness may make him a great leader one day.


Being too helpful
I pray that my toddler is as “helpful” in the future, as he is now. He likes to help with EVERYTHING. I occasionally give him little responsibilities when preparing to do something because it’ll keep him from directly interfering with what I’m trying to do.


Drawing on everything 
Whether hes creating body art, or using the walls in our home as a canvas, I must admit that I have a very confident and creative child. He really applies himself to his artwork and always wants to show it off. If I can get him to stop drawing on himself and the walls, I might have a young Picasso in the making.


Getting into everything
This just shows that my toddler is adventurous. I love this because he keeps an open mind and can turn anything into a great time.


Throwing tantrums
I noticed that my toddler throws tantrums when he’s frustrated. Most times, it’s when he’s repeatedly trying to do something and it’s not working. This here shows that even though things are tough, he doesn’t give up and continues to apply himself until he accomplishes his goal. 


These are the biggest things that I’m learning to accept and manage when it comes to my growing toddler. As I’m writing this, he’s sleeping so peacefully, but I know that when he wakes up, our day of adventures will begin. What are some “terrible twos” moments that you’ve experienced with your little one? I’d love for you to comment below and share them.

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Zakiyah Kelly

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4 thoughts on “Raising an Independent Toddler”

  1. My 22-month-old son is my third little blessing so we’re approaching this interesting age for the 3rd time. In my current and past experience, it’s important to look at the “challenging” situations as a passing phase. But also my husband and I don’t grab hold of these stereotypes because that’s what they are. I find that the two’s are only terrible because those toddlers are learning so much at once and have sensory and emotional overload. It’s our job to firmly but lovingly steer them away from destructive behaviors and toward healthy ones. In really doesn’t take them long at all to get the picture.
    And you already have the best possible positive mindset! So, you’re doing awesome!
    In this together! 🙂

  2. I love this! This is very relatable from what Im experiencing from terrible 1s until now. HAHA! My boys are now 6 and 5 and it seems the adventure of motherhood gets more interesting and can be a bit frustrating as they grow to be more independent. I love how you explained your frustration and as well give us a light of the situation too. BEING A MOTHER is definitely a blessing and what I can say is it’s hard not to get irritated but remembering growing takes time , no matter the age can takes some weight off the shoulder. 🙂

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