In the Fall of 2016, I saw that Dean (Mrs. AOK a work in progress) was hosting a box swap event where she and her friend Ashley (Happy. Pretty. Sweet) would pair up bloggers in North America to mail treats to one another. That’s probably not the best description, but that’s my favorite part; haha. I loved the idea of it, but I didn’t make it in time for the Fall swap, so I waited until the Winter swap. The Winter one happened in February and the theme was “Galentines“.  

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This swap was sooo fun and I feel like my partner Shannon (The Mommy Files) knew the way to my heart although we don’t know one another. Shannon is a professional blogger and has served as an ambassador for 20+ companies in the past decade. Can you say Goals?? It was so hard for me to find a perfect gift for her, because it seems like she has everything one can dream of. So I wanted to play it safe and I got her a Jumbo Leatherette Journal (to take notes and stay organized) and box of assorted truffles (to indulge in when she gets a little “me time”). I also picked up a journal for myself because I loved the one that I got for her. Plus, we can never have too many planners and journals, right? 

When I opened my package from Shannon, I screamed with joy! In my efforts to “get my life together” in 2017, I promised that I would only eat sweets once a month, unless someone offered them to me. Because, why would I decline such a delicious gift?

My gift consisted of Hershey’s Nuggets Assorted Chocolates that were so amazing! I will be purchasing more, not because they’re all gone (don’t judge me), but because I enjoyed the different chocolates.

I also received Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chips! Hot chocolate with extra chocolate? Yes, please! This drink was so rich and delicious, I could write an entire review on it alone! I didn’t let the bipolar weather stop my from enjoying my hot chocolate either. When it was 75 degrees for 3 days straight (on the East Coast in February), Zakiyah was still enjoying her cup of hot chocolate.

Next was Pop Secret Popcorn! My family and I love eating popcorn. I’m not sure what it is when it comes to it. It’s just makes the perfect snack for various occasions, and non occasions when you’re looking for a quick snack.

Finally, I received some chocolate cake mix and chocolate icing (with sprinkles) that I made and enjoyed with my family. It was so yummy and I felt like a kid with all the colorful sprinkles! 

This was a fun swap and I hope that a future one is in store.  If you’re looking for something fun to participate in, as a blogger, I highly recommend this swap!

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Zakiyah Kelly

Hey! I'm Zakiyah, a multi-passionate entrepreneur who manages to balance various blogs and businesses with motherhood. When I'm not working on my blogs and businesses, I'm spending time with my family and probably thinking about starting something else that I may not have time for.
Zakiyah Kelly
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